Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's been a while

Yeah Yeah it's been a while since I made an update. Oops my bad, but since I am really bad at keeping up with things I start, this is as to be expected. I haven't been working on my list, actually the things that I completed in the past few months I did with out realizing that they were on my list. So where have I been, what have I been up too? Well I have been stuck up New Moon's ass. I completed a reread to prepare myself for the movie, went to the movie a few times (what? I cannot say no to friends/kids/nieces that want to see it with me), I have been doing the holiday thing, even though I am not in the mood, and fan fiction has sucked me in completely, I cannot stop reading it, it's kind of getting out of control, seeing how I haven't really read a "real" book in a while. But I WILL meet my goal, sirree, I will. I got a new phone, have have entered the Crackberry world. I love this phone, I see carpel tunnel in my future in the wrists and my neck (can you get that in your neck?) but I am always on that bastard, I cant help it. And I traveled to Boston for a fun quick trip. Ok on to my list of things that I have completed:

12: De Clutter Office. Well I didn't personally do it myself, I would have, someday but my sister did it for me. And since its done I don't have to do it, so I can mark it off the list.

18. New TV Stand We got this new stand about 3 months ago, its just what I wanted and I love it, now we are not breaking our necks to watch TV, and everything has a spot.

51. Make a real batch of cookies Yes I did it, and they came out good enough to eat. The girls, B and I all worked together and made chocolate chip, ans sugar cookies form scratch. I didn't even burn any. When making these I realize that I am a very messy baker, there was flour and shit everywhere...all well no one said I was a good baker, one thing at a time people.

62. Visit sister T's house. I forgot I put this on my list. I put it on there because I realize I don't spend enough time with sister T. We had our reasons, but we decided to say fuck it and hang out more, allot more, I am getting to know my nephew better and she is getting to know her nieces better. T is also coming to my house as well and I thought her how to cook baked ziti. We also trade books with each other. I'm glad we hooked up with each other again.

65. Gather kid's baby clothes for quilt. So my grandmother is an awesome quilt maker. I have a few from her that i love. I don't know where the idea came from, but I read or saw some there that those little baby clothes that you save, instead of throwing them in a box, into the back of the closet you can make them into something, like a quilt. I brought this idea up to Grand mom and she thought it was the best idea. So I gathered all the little cute outfits that I saved, even the girl's dresses that they wore in our wedding (yeah our own kids were in our wedding) I will be sure to post a photo when I get it.

79. Take a Bath Sounds like an easy enough thing to do right? Wrong. I can't remember the last time I took an actual bath. My daughter asked my why I was in the bath, because moms do not takes baths, they take showers!

85. Go to the Movies with Sam (3/5) We went to the movies again, to see New Moon. No I did not have to drag him kicking & screaming, he went willingly so when I talk about it, he will somewhat know what I am talking about. We left the movie and he tells me he is a Werewolf since he is always hot, and I am a Vampire since I am cold. Umm ok, lol. He still wants to bitch slap Bella, not for her blinking and stuttering this time, he says she is a dirty whore for playing those 2 boys. hee hee

95. Buy Harry Potter Book Set (5/7) Sam surprised me with the first 5 hardback Harry Potter Books, he picked them up at a book fair! Now I just have to get the last 2 books and I will have all 7 of those wonderful books!

Read 50 books in a year. I reached my goal by the skin of my teeth. I will post that in a seperate entry, I do not have my list with me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's check some more things off this list!

I finally found a new background for my blog that I am very happy with! Thanks to Pinky from my book club, I stole the link from her blog background and it's purdy. (ps you should read her posts, she is a great writer and pretty funny! )

Ok so I have accomplished a few things since the last time I posted! woop woop, I pat my own back.

#19 Purge R's Toys It took me 3 days to do so but I did it. It took me 3 days because I am lazy! lol R's actually helped me, she was surprisingly generous. I told her that we were going to donate her old toys to children who did have many toys, and she was very excited to help out other kids. After 1 toy box full, 3 bags of good toys, and 2 bags of trash (redic I know) she can enjoy her non cluttered room and toys. It's amazing, the toys she has not seen in months are brand new again!

#22 Get R a new dresser I didn't get her a good one that I wanted to but I will eventually. I wanted to buy an old one and refurbish it, but I wasn't really good at finding one. So I just picked up a cheepy one form Walmart, it will do for now.

#23 Organize pictures on PC Thank the lawd, I completed this. My photo file what a hot damn mess! Now everything has a place and I can find what I am looking for! Next step is uploading them to shutterfly to share with family, and eventually print and put in photo albums. As for photo albums, no I have not filled the albums that I have with the pictures I have printed. But, they are organized and ready to go!!! That is further that where I was in that project. ps. they are form 2006, I know tsk tsk!

# 70 Burn 3 Cd's for 3 friends (1/3) I know I would have this totally completed it I wasn't such a dumb ass at trying to figure out iTunes. But iTunes is a whole different drama! Lets just say I am seriously going to buy this:

Ok so back to the lecture at day iTunes decided to be on my side and I was able to burn a CD for my cousin. I found and fell in love with a band I just discovered (Kings of Leon.. yum) and I just had to share their goodness with her..I hope she liked them. I need to ask her. Stay tuned for my lengthy book post next!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More, More

So I have noticed that my blog looks like shadoobie. The fonts are all jammed up, different sizes, light dark, it drives me nuts. But I am a first time blogger so I need to work on & prefect it, please be patient with me. I am slow. However, I have more to report:

This is my favorite task to complete: #33 Read 50 books in 2009 (35/50)

Book # 35: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Yes this is a re-read. But it's a big fat book and I took my time reading it again, so I am totes counting it, again. Hey it's my list! I am glad that I reread this book again. I don't know what I was smokin' the first time I read it but I forgot allot of little things. I can honesty say that this is the best book that I have ever read, ever. This is the final book in the series, and it pieces together all of the things from the first book bringing a whole new list of things for you to ponder. This was the best ending to a series that I have ever read, leaving me happy and satisfied with the characters that I fell in love with, even with the ones that i disliked. There are many surprises, twists and turns but wow, I could not read fast enough. My heart would pound when I was nervous for the characters, I was nervous, happy, sad..I have never went through a roller coaster of emotions like I did while reading a dang book! So I'll say it one more time..if you haven't all ready, read the Harry Potter Series dammit! :o)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am trying, but not hard enough!

I just re-read my "list" and some of the things that I put on it I didn't even remember! I think I need to print out a wee list for my purse. I need to be reminded of things constantly, seeing how most of the things that I have put on the list have been waiting to get done for some months or years now!

Last week I highlighted # 26 Put boxed photos in photo albums. I have the photos organized, and I have the albums, I even pulled the tote out of the cluttered office, so that it is in front of my face. So instead I have used the tote as an end table, purse, book, laptop holder! WTF? I need to promise myself to work on that project & finish it before the moth end. I have a weeks vacation with hardly anything excuses!
But I did complete one task last week. No need for a cookie though...

#72. Go to a Concert with Sister-in-Law
And that we did. S won tickets while she was at Preakness to see Staind, Shimedown, Chavelle at the Mariweather Center in Columbia Md. I put this project on my list because S had never ever been to a concert in all her 23 years of life! Whaaaat!? I know. I went to my 1st concert when I was 12 to see NKOTB. S called me all excited "I wont tickets to see Staind woooooo whoooo...who is Staind?" I know she a crazy mo fo. But she knew all the songs she just didn't know who sang them....all the time, this coming from a girl who didn't know who Jodeci was, or when Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n Roses was being played by a local band while out one night she yelled "Woooo Whoooo FREE BIRD!!" Yeah, got to love it! We had a blast, and she has the concert bug, but only if she can figure out who the performers are, I have a feeling she will be going to more shows.

#33. Read 50 books in a year..just finished my 34th book since 1/1/2009

This was a quick read. It's from the YA (young adult) section of the book store, I have no shame in my reading game yo, by reading YA! So it's about a girl who is 17, Mia, her family; mom, dad and lil brother (7) are going to a friends house and they get hit by a truck. The family dies and she is the lone survivor. This story is from Mia's point of view. She is telling the story out side of her comatose body. She sees and hears everything that is going on. She follows her other grand parents and friends through the hospital. It's not as morbid as it sounds. She needs to decide if she is going to stay or let herself die along with her family. There are also many music references in this book, so if you like music this is a good pick for you too. I give it 4 1/2 * since it made me want to cry..and I don't cry during books or movies dammit!

Ok I think that is all I have to report for now, but like I said I am going to work harder on my list!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I know, I have been slacking on my posts!

It's been a weird few weeks: C starting a new daycare, my work was super-de-duper busy for June, trying to get away from home to go to the beach, and S losing his job of 13 years due to the douchebaggery of Jiffy Lube, (which we have now banned & you should too), it has been quite weird. Oh and R's asthma decided it wanted to make an appearance after a year hiatus, hey asthma suck it! go away so we can enjoy the rest of the summer!

Ok back to the list, I have completed a couple of things:

# 33 Read 50 books in 2009 (33/50)
It has been a slow 2 weeks for reading for me. I started a book and *gasp* had to quit it because it sucked, big time. I am not a book quitter usually, but this book was horrid, so don't bother reading Prep, it was entirely boring. So instead I decided to pick up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (6th year) for a re-read. Since the movie is coming out next week, I wanted to read the book again to freshen up, and boy am I glad I did, I forgot 1/2 of the stuff, since I read it so fast the 1st time. I also checked out the audio book from the library, and let me tell you the narrator of the Audio is the shiznet! I even listened to it in the car to much to C's chagrin! It's an excellent book. For those of you that have not experienced reading HP yet, run, don't walk and start, you don't know what you are missing.. srsly!
# 97 Don't watch Twilight for a week
When I added this to my list to begin with, I thought it was going to be hard, seeing how I watched the movie a least once a week. But now, that I have shoved it down every ones throat that I know, I have not watched it in the past 2 weeks. I currently have Harry Potter to distract me. But Mark, yeah you, I have not forgot about our Twilight date that I have promised you, don't worry you will get your chance to see this beautiful disaster of a movie with me! lol

# 78 Wear Shorts outside of the house (on the beach don't count)

Ok I am not a fan of shorts. I don't think I ever was, I decided that capris were my friend, that that's all I have warn for years. The only time you would see me rocking a pair of shorts would be in my house or on the beach over my bathing suit. I have never liked to wear them due to the fact that I am a whitey. A pasty white-whitey that burns and hardly tans. But since pale is the new tan, I decided to embrace my inner Cullen and just wear the effing shorts. I was sale shopping in American Eagle and found some cute ones this past weekend bought them and totally wore them all day long. And since they are cute I may just wear them again. Hey maybe my legs will catch a teeny tiny wee lil tan?

So that is all for now. I solemnly swear to work harder on my list, even though I have 1001 days to complete it, there are many things on the list that I can complete with ease if I just focus on it. I need not read Oh No They Didn't a few nights and I can actually accomplish something meaningful!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

# 33 Read 50 Books in 2009

I finished 2 more books this week, bringing my total to 31 for the year. I Am The Messenger by Marcus Zusak was a good read, I really enjoyed it. Ed a 19 year old ordinary guy going about his boring life, gets caught up in the middle of a bank robbery. After that day he received playing cards in the mail, instructing him to complete tasks. He needs to figure out what to do with each one of these tasks, ultimately changing peoples lives and his in the process. Even thought it is located in the YA section of the book store, this book was not written like a YA book. I give it 5 * I really really liked it will will pass it along.

The next book I read was Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham. This big brick of a book was pretty funny. Once you get use to the writing style of this book, it's hard to stop reading. It's written in the style of emails. All the correspondence this through email, so the story goes pretty fast. All of the emails are through Holly's inbox at the start of her new job as a receptionst and goes on form there. I can't really say to much w/o giving away what happens, but it was fun to read some one elses emails for once, they are always more interesting! lol I will give this book 4* for cuteness!
Holly's Inbox

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

# 85 See 5 movies in the theater with S (1/5)

Last night S (husband) and I went to the movies to see The Hangover. I have been wanting to see a really funny movie and this was perfect! omg it was hysterical, one of the funniest movies I have seen since 40 Year Old Virgin, it had me laughing almost the whole entire time. Three best friends and the soon to be Brother in law go to Vegas for a Bachelor Party, wake up the next morning not remembering what they did the night before have to piece together their night and find the missing groom to be. And what they went through the night before has nothing on what they go through to find out what happened.
My favorite Guy:

# 33 Read 50 books in a year (29/50)

This is the only item on my list that I previously started before the list was made. I have read to many books this year to start fresh. This is the first time that I have kept track of books that I read. For future entries I will post after each book I read. But for this I will just list what read so far.
*Didn't Like
**it was OK
***liked it
****really liked it
*****it was Amazing

  1. Sunday at Tiffany's J. Patterson ***
  2. Harry Potter Sorcer's Stone Book 1 JKR ****
  3. Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) Book 1 C Harris ***
  4. Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Book 2 JKR ***
  5. Twilight Book 1 S Meyer ***** (LOVE)
  6. New Moon Book 2 S Meyer ***** (I had to read it twice to love it)
  7. This Lullaby Sara Dessen **
  8. Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban JKR ***** (This book got me hooked on the series)
  9. Eclipse Book 3 S Meyer *****
  10. Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Book 4 JKR *****
  11. Thirteen Reasons Why Asher ****
  12. Breaking Dawn Book 4 (aka WTF?) S Meyer ***
  13. Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Book 5 JKR ****
  14. Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Book 6 (aka tissues) JKR*****
  15. Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Book 7 JKR***********Most AMAZING book EVER
  16. Lock & Key Sara Dessen ****
  17. Red Carpet Suicide: A guide on keeping up with the Hiltons Perez Hilton ***
  18. Firefly Lane Kristin Hannah ***
  19. Winter Girls Laurie Halse Anderson ***
  20. The Time Travelers Wife Niffenegger ****
  21. City of Bones Book 1 (Mortal Instruments Series) C. Clare ****
  22. Sloppy Firsts Book 1 (Jessica Darling Series) Megan McCafferty ****
  23. Second Helpings Book 2 Megan McCafferty *****
  24. Charmed Thirds Book 3 ****
  25. Fourth Comings Book 4 ***
  26. Perfect Fifths Book 5 ****
  27. City of Ashes Book 2 (Mortal Instruments) ****
  28. Pretty in Plaid Jen Lancaster **
  29. City of Glass Book 3 (Mortal Instruments) ****
  30. My sisters Keeper Jodi Picoult (currently reading)

Yup I have been a book worm the past 6 months!! I decided to try the Harry Potter Series after all these years because a friend told me that I MUST. And omg! I was so surprised with myself, I actually LOVED everything about it. It's not my usual genre, it took a little getting use to, but I am so glad I finally listened, I didn't know what I was missing. So I am telling you now, if you haven't read it GO READ it NOW. The last book, it probably the best book that I have ever read, ever! I am very much looking forward to the Harry Potter Movie coming out next month, I don't know how these HP fans put up with all the waiting for the books & movies over the past 10 years.

ok Muggles, that's all for now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Reason for this Blog

I have always wanted to write a blog, but I figured I had nothing interesting enough to write about, until now. I decided to start a 101 in 1001 list.

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part)

Starting today June 8th, 2009, my list should be completed March 5th, 2012.

I have just completed my 1st item: # 74 Start a Blog documenting this list! woop woop, now I have to move $5.00 into savings. (see # 54 move $5.00 to savings for every check off this list 1/101). ok, ok, here is My List
In the works

101 in 1001

1. Puerto Rico
2. Atlantic City
3. Road Trip
4. Visit Sil & Bil in VA.
5. Tour a Vineyard
6. Harry Potter Theme Park
7. Dutch Wonderland
8. Statue of Liberty
9. Empire State Building
10. New Jersey Aquarium
11. Holocaust Museum in DC with SB, J, & C

12. De-Clutter Office
13. Clean out under my bed
14. Clean out Kitchen Junk Drawers
15. Paint Den
16. Install Book Shelves
17. Order R's wall clings
18. New TV Stand
19. Purge R’s toys
20. Clean out Coat Closet
21. Spend Weekend Clean Sweep Style
22. Get R a New Dresser
23. Organize Photos on PC
25. Upload Pictures to Shutterfly
25. Back up photos to CD
26. Put boxed Photos in Albums
27. Complete Big Scrap Book
28. Complete R’s Baby Scrapbook
29. Work on a Scrap book with Caitlin
30. Print Wedding Photos
31. Frame favorite Wedding Photos
32. Upload new pics on Digital Frame

For my Head
33. Read 50 book in 1 year (29/50) Started 1/1/2009
34. Read 5 books a week to R (document)
35. Write 10 Haikus
36. Learn the 50 states in alphabetically & Recite
37. Learn 5 New vocabulary words
38. Go to the Scholastic Warehouse
39. Take a writing class
40. Enroll into College
41. Read a book S picks out
42. Write life story in 20 pages

For My Body
43. Purchase Elliptical
44. Do 50 crunches daily for a month straight
45. Take a Daily Vitamin
46. Pack Lunch for a week
47. Get a facial
48. Go to the Gym with SB

What’s Cookin’
49. Cook a meal on the Grill alone
50. Cook no less then 3x a week for a month
51. Bake a real batch of cookies
52. Make Pop-pop’s sauce
53. No fast food for a week

Dollar Dollar Bills Ya’ll
54. Move $5.00 to savings for every check off this list (0/101)
55. Move $500.00 of tax Refund to savings
56. Pay off Credit Cards (0/3)
57. Cash C’s bonds & put cash in a CD
58. Track every penny spent out of one paycheck

My Girls
59. Take mom-mom to Christmas Tree Shoppe
60. Plane a weekend Getaway with mom
61. Wine night with girlfriends
62. Visit Sister T’s house
63. Take C & R on a picnic
64. Take C to a Play

Shes Crafty
65. Gather kid’s baby clothes for quilt
66. Knit a scarf
67. Fix kitchen chairs
68. Update R’s baby book to current
69. Update C’s School Book to Current
70. Burn 3 CD’s for 3 people
71. Make 2 new play lists on I pod

Shits & Giggles
72. Go to a concert with Sil S
73. Convince 1 person to make a 101 in 1001
74. Start a Blog documenting this list
75. Share 101 in 1001 Blog with 5 people
76. Do a Blog radio show with Sister A
77. Score 75 or higher on Guitar on Rock band/Guitar Hero on HARD
78. Wear shorts out of the house (on the beach don’t count)
79. Take a bath
80. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
81. Get a plant & keep it alive for a month
82. Get a bike & Ride it with my Girls
83. Don’t Cuss for a whole day
84. Send mom-mom flowers for the heck of it
85. See 5 movies at the theater with S (1/5)
86. Recycle System
87. Find out my Carbon Footprint
88. Update Passport
89. Go to Italian Fest
90. Spend an entire work day on just work related things
91. Go to a Pro Football game
92. Go horseback riding
93. Send Birthday/Anniversary cards to Friends & Family (0/10)
94. Take Photography Class
95. Purchase Harry Potter Book Set
96. Go to 3 yard sales
97. Don’t watch Twilight for 1 week
98. Watch Top Gun & Footloose
99. Write 10 Favorite life quotes for my girls
100. Add pics to blog
101. Tint car windows