Friday, July 20, 2012

Where did June go? A ramble post

I dropped the balls on that, totally forgot to post a June entry.  June was a busy freaking month! It was to the point I had to turn off my google groups so that I wouldn't get trapped in the vortex of emails, while my work sat on the side unfinished. I miss my girls!
June is also our crazy month at work, its the ending of the Fiscal year, we have to close out last year, open new year, then our system goes down. As is the last 2 weeks in July! You would think it would be time to paaaarty with no system, but noooo, I just had to catch up on piles of crap I put off during during the year, make new crap for the new year, and clean out all kinds of crap.
I also have come to realize why work says no vacations during June.... getting prepared for the vacation I think took longer than the vacation lasted. But we had a freaking blast!  Went to the OBX North Carolina, our first time. R's first family vacation that was not at our state beaches. Our first vacation in 5 years!  It was a brilliant time. Will go again, it was a real vacation that included family, friends, good food, drinks, and allot of relaxing!  No crowded boardwalks, and we had a pool in our back yard, so the kids were set!
 I would suggest going to the OBX, the ride was smooth (for us) our Boston friends ride sucked due to NY traffic. But all in all it a great relaxing trip. I would post some pictures but I am lame & do not have any on this computer to share.

Ill be back with my July post, I hope.