Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plank, Planking, Planked

Ever heard of it?  I never did until I saw it on Tosh.O.  I didn't realize is was a craze.  Then one day Jared Followill from the band Kings of Leon discovered planking and decided to tweet pictures of himself planking around his hotel room.  I was pissing myself laughing...not only the planking but the outfit he was wearing-- that he traded with a chick at the bar.  Its so fucking funny. 

Not sure if this is a Legit plank, but I like Matt's style!

So I got to talking to my husband and friend about it, and we thought it would be a bright idea to have a planing competition over this holiday weekend.  We started at work:

First Plank of the day by S. He is on his counter at work.

Then myself at work, on a Shredder.

Then J at work..on an F-150.
 This here is a questionable plank.
But we will give it to him for knowing what it was.
I'm getting ready to attempt my 2nd plank of the day.  I will post pictures as they we take them.  I suspect we will receive allot of side eye, but that's ok. Oh and pray that we do not send ourselves to the Emergency room.
Bye for now.

Here is some more Planking.  We inspired some others to plank on the way because we are awesome like that! LOL
Deck Plank

Kitchen Plank

Mailbox Plank

WaWa Sorta Plank
Toilet Plank pt 1

Toilet Plank pt 2

Chip Truck Plank

Car Roof Planking in Boston

Cemetary Planking

In a drug store, on some water

Bar Plank

Box Plank

Candy Machine Plank (yes thats a kid)

Coffee Table Plank

Bathroom Shelf Plank



Group Planking is fun for everyone

Car Lift Plank

Kitty Litter Box

Mail Box

Parking Lot

Random Man Plank

Skate Borders

Truck Kid Plank

Vanity Kid Plank

Planking Injury

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hall Pass

Do you have a Hall Pass list made up, at least in your head? You know that list of celebs that if by chance you meet them you can 'hang' out with them, no questions asked?  Some people have a top 5, some have just 1, but I have a top 3.  I am also careful not to laminate my list (Ross on Friends) so that my list can be interchange able.  I have a solid top 2, my number 3, I seem to rotate people in and out of that spot depending on my mood I guess.
Here are my Top 3:

Robert Pattinson...
He's been number one for about 3 years now.

Jared Followill...
He slaps da Bass for KOL

Henry Cavill
Our next Superman, Charles Brandon from Tudors

And this little Bastard..I want to eat him up
Justin Bieber
Who is on your Hall Pass?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Some more about me

I've been thinking about some things to post here on my blog.  I don't know if its even read by anyone, even so I love to ramble, talk about myself and just random shit in my world.  At this point since I am so fail on constant posts I am thinking this blog is long forgotten.  But if you are still reading Hi, hello there..I will try harder to make some posts. I know Ive said that before huh..well let me say it again.
While perusing on Tumblr the other day I came across this little poll, survey, what ever you want to call it.  I love these things. I don't know why, but I love answering questions about stuff that I like and enjoy, so what better place to share this....

1. Last song I listened to: Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins
2. Last thing I watched: True Blood
3. What I did today: Went to work
4. Favorite person in the world: Well this is ignorant, I don't have just one favorite person, and I'm not even going to answer with one person.
5. Dream husband/wife: Not including the one I have? I will say Robert Pattinson, dream wife...I will have to say Pink
6. Where I’d love to live: New York City
7. Favorite lyrics of the last song I listened to: I wouldn't say these are my favorite lyrics..but since I have to pick form the last song I heard:
"Disarm you with a smile
And cut you like you want me to"
8. My hero described in three words: Dependable, Strong, Awesome
9. A person I would like to trade lives with: J. K. Rowling (just for a day)
10. A wish: that my kids get what they want out of life
11. A secret: I want more cats
12. A dream: find a job/career that I am in love with
13. Favorite blog:
14. Celebrity crush: Robert Pattinson
15. What I can’t live without: Happiness and my Blackberry

Well there you go...I'll probably do more post like these because they are quick, easy, and least to me!