Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's check some more things off this list!

I finally found a new background for my blog that I am very happy with! Thanks to Pinky from my book club, I stole the link from her blog background and it's purdy. (ps you should read her posts, she is a great writer and pretty funny! )

Ok so I have accomplished a few things since the last time I posted! woop woop, I pat my own back.

#19 Purge R's Toys It took me 3 days to do so but I did it. It took me 3 days because I am lazy! lol R's actually helped me, she was surprisingly generous. I told her that we were going to donate her old toys to children who did have many toys, and she was very excited to help out other kids. After 1 toy box full, 3 bags of good toys, and 2 bags of trash (redic I know) she can enjoy her non cluttered room and toys. It's amazing, the toys she has not seen in months are brand new again!

#22 Get R a new dresser I didn't get her a good one that I wanted to but I will eventually. I wanted to buy an old one and refurbish it, but I wasn't really good at finding one. So I just picked up a cheepy one form Walmart, it will do for now.

#23 Organize pictures on PC Thank the lawd, I completed this. My photo file what a hot damn mess! Now everything has a place and I can find what I am looking for! Next step is uploading them to shutterfly to share with family, and eventually print and put in photo albums. As for photo albums, no I have not filled the albums that I have with the pictures I have printed. But, they are organized and ready to go!!! That is further that where I was in that project. ps. they are form 2006, I know tsk tsk!

# 70 Burn 3 Cd's for 3 friends (1/3) I know I would have this totally completed it I wasn't such a dumb ass at trying to figure out iTunes. But iTunes is a whole different drama! Lets just say I am seriously going to buy this:

Ok so back to the lecture at day iTunes decided to be on my side and I was able to burn a CD for my cousin. I found and fell in love with a band I just discovered (Kings of Leon.. yum) and I just had to share their goodness with her..I hope she liked them. I need to ask her. Stay tuned for my lengthy book post next!

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  1. Thanks for the blog love! <3

    I effing love Kings of Leon. Their songs are quite simply...the sex! Hope your friend likes her CD. Itunes and I aren't even speaking right now, so I totally feel your pain!