Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's been a while

Yeah Yeah it's been a while since I made an update. Oops my bad, but since I am really bad at keeping up with things I start, this is as to be expected. I haven't been working on my list, actually the things that I completed in the past few months I did with out realizing that they were on my list. So where have I been, what have I been up too? Well I have been stuck up New Moon's ass. I completed a reread to prepare myself for the movie, went to the movie a few times (what? I cannot say no to friends/kids/nieces that want to see it with me), I have been doing the holiday thing, even though I am not in the mood, and fan fiction has sucked me in completely, I cannot stop reading it, it's kind of getting out of control, seeing how I haven't really read a "real" book in a while. But I WILL meet my goal, sirree, I will. I got a new phone, have have entered the Crackberry world. I love this phone, I see carpel tunnel in my future in the wrists and my neck (can you get that in your neck?) but I am always on that bastard, I cant help it. And I traveled to Boston for a fun quick trip. Ok on to my list of things that I have completed:

12: De Clutter Office. Well I didn't personally do it myself, I would have, someday but my sister did it for me. And since its done I don't have to do it, so I can mark it off the list.

18. New TV Stand We got this new stand about 3 months ago, its just what I wanted and I love it, now we are not breaking our necks to watch TV, and everything has a spot.

51. Make a real batch of cookies Yes I did it, and they came out good enough to eat. The girls, B and I all worked together and made chocolate chip, ans sugar cookies form scratch. I didn't even burn any. When making these I realize that I am a very messy baker, there was flour and shit everywhere...all well no one said I was a good baker, one thing at a time people.

62. Visit sister T's house. I forgot I put this on my list. I put it on there because I realize I don't spend enough time with sister T. We had our reasons, but we decided to say fuck it and hang out more, allot more, I am getting to know my nephew better and she is getting to know her nieces better. T is also coming to my house as well and I thought her how to cook baked ziti. We also trade books with each other. I'm glad we hooked up with each other again.

65. Gather kid's baby clothes for quilt. So my grandmother is an awesome quilt maker. I have a few from her that i love. I don't know where the idea came from, but I read or saw some there that those little baby clothes that you save, instead of throwing them in a box, into the back of the closet you can make them into something, like a quilt. I brought this idea up to Grand mom and she thought it was the best idea. So I gathered all the little cute outfits that I saved, even the girl's dresses that they wore in our wedding (yeah our own kids were in our wedding) I will be sure to post a photo when I get it.

79. Take a Bath Sounds like an easy enough thing to do right? Wrong. I can't remember the last time I took an actual bath. My daughter asked my why I was in the bath, because moms do not takes baths, they take showers!

85. Go to the Movies with Sam (3/5) We went to the movies again, to see New Moon. No I did not have to drag him kicking & screaming, he went willingly so when I talk about it, he will somewhat know what I am talking about. We left the movie and he tells me he is a Werewolf since he is always hot, and I am a Vampire since I am cold. Umm ok, lol. He still wants to bitch slap Bella, not for her blinking and stuttering this time, he says she is a dirty whore for playing those 2 boys. hee hee

95. Buy Harry Potter Book Set (5/7) Sam surprised me with the first 5 hardback Harry Potter Books, he picked them up at a book fair! Now I just have to get the last 2 books and I will have all 7 of those wonderful books!

Read 50 books in a year. I reached my goal by the skin of my teeth. I will post that in a seperate entry, I do not have my list with me.

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