Tuesday, June 9, 2009

# 33 Read 50 books in a year (29/50)

This is the only item on my list that I previously started before the list was made. I have read to many books this year to start fresh. This is the first time that I have kept track of books that I read. For future entries I will post after each book I read. But for this I will just list what read so far.
*Didn't Like
**it was OK
***liked it
****really liked it
*****it was Amazing

  1. Sunday at Tiffany's J. Patterson ***
  2. Harry Potter Sorcer's Stone Book 1 JKR ****
  3. Dead Until Dark Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) Book 1 C Harris ***
  4. Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Book 2 JKR ***
  5. Twilight Book 1 S Meyer ***** (LOVE)
  6. New Moon Book 2 S Meyer ***** (I had to read it twice to love it)
  7. This Lullaby Sara Dessen **
  8. Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban JKR ***** (This book got me hooked on the series)
  9. Eclipse Book 3 S Meyer *****
  10. Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Book 4 JKR *****
  11. Thirteen Reasons Why Asher ****
  12. Breaking Dawn Book 4 (aka WTF?) S Meyer ***
  13. Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Book 5 JKR ****
  14. Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Book 6 (aka tissues) JKR*****
  15. Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Book 7 JKR***********Most AMAZING book EVER
  16. Lock & Key Sara Dessen ****
  17. Red Carpet Suicide: A guide on keeping up with the Hiltons Perez Hilton ***
  18. Firefly Lane Kristin Hannah ***
  19. Winter Girls Laurie Halse Anderson ***
  20. The Time Travelers Wife Niffenegger ****
  21. City of Bones Book 1 (Mortal Instruments Series) C. Clare ****
  22. Sloppy Firsts Book 1 (Jessica Darling Series) Megan McCafferty ****
  23. Second Helpings Book 2 Megan McCafferty *****
  24. Charmed Thirds Book 3 ****
  25. Fourth Comings Book 4 ***
  26. Perfect Fifths Book 5 ****
  27. City of Ashes Book 2 (Mortal Instruments) ****
  28. Pretty in Plaid Jen Lancaster **
  29. City of Glass Book 3 (Mortal Instruments) ****
  30. My sisters Keeper Jodi Picoult (currently reading)

Yup I have been a book worm the past 6 months!! I decided to try the Harry Potter Series after all these years because a friend told me that I MUST. And omg! I was so surprised with myself, I actually LOVED everything about it. It's not my usual genre, it took a little getting use to, but I am so glad I finally listened, I didn't know what I was missing. So I am telling you now, if you haven't read it GO READ it NOW. The last book, it probably the best book that I have ever read, ever! I am very much looking forward to the Harry Potter Movie coming out next month, I don't know how these HP fans put up with all the waiting for the books & movies over the past 10 years.

ok Muggles, that's all for now!

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