Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I know, I have been slacking on my posts!

It's been a weird few weeks: C starting a new daycare, my work was super-de-duper busy for June, trying to get away from home to go to the beach, and S losing his job of 13 years due to the douchebaggery of Jiffy Lube, (which we have now banned & you should too), it has been quite weird. Oh and R's asthma decided it wanted to make an appearance after a year hiatus, hey asthma suck it! go away so we can enjoy the rest of the summer!

Ok back to the list, I have completed a couple of things:

# 33 Read 50 books in 2009 (33/50)
It has been a slow 2 weeks for reading for me. I started a book and *gasp* had to quit it because it sucked, big time. I am not a book quitter usually, but this book was horrid, so don't bother reading Prep, it was entirely boring. So instead I decided to pick up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (6th year) for a re-read. Since the movie is coming out next week, I wanted to read the book again to freshen up, and boy am I glad I did, I forgot 1/2 of the stuff, since I read it so fast the 1st time. I also checked out the audio book from the library, and let me tell you the narrator of the Audio is the shiznet! I even listened to it in the car to much to C's chagrin! It's an excellent book. For those of you that have not experienced reading HP yet, run, don't walk and start, you don't know what you are missing.. srsly!
# 97 Don't watch Twilight for a week
When I added this to my list to begin with, I thought it was going to be hard, seeing how I watched the movie a least once a week. But now, that I have shoved it down every ones throat that I know, I have not watched it in the past 2 weeks. I currently have Harry Potter to distract me. But Mark, yeah you, I have not forgot about our Twilight date that I have promised you, don't worry you will get your chance to see this beautiful disaster of a movie with me! lol

# 78 Wear Shorts outside of the house (on the beach don't count)

Ok I am not a fan of shorts. I don't think I ever was, I decided that capris were my friend, that that's all I have warn for years. The only time you would see me rocking a pair of shorts would be in my house or on the beach over my bathing suit. I have never liked to wear them due to the fact that I am a whitey. A pasty white-whitey that burns and hardly tans. But since pale is the new tan, I decided to embrace my inner Cullen and just wear the effing shorts. I was sale shopping in American Eagle and found some cute ones this past weekend bought them and totally wore them all day long. And since they are cute I may just wear them again. Hey maybe my legs will catch a teeny tiny wee lil tan?

So that is all for now. I solemnly swear to work harder on my list, even though I have 1001 days to complete it, there are many things on the list that I can complete with ease if I just focus on it. I need not read Oh No They Didn't a few nights and I can actually accomplish something meaningful!

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  1. You need to keep up on this blog, girl! You have me cracking up every time I read it. I LOVE how you call Twilight a beautiful disaster!

    Oh yeah, and nice use of the word "douchebaggery"!