Friday, July 22, 2011

What in the Hell kind of Attitude Adjustment Pill did someone give Kristen Stewart?

Yesterday in San Diego Cali, the annual Comic Con convention took place.  I read somewhere that this is also known as the Nerd Prom.  I can say I never even heard of it until Twilight Saga New Moon was to be released. 
The real reason for this post is that something incredible happened. Something that I thought I'd never ever witness.  Something that I  never saw before.  I am still confused and left in the dark, and I think it is safe to say that other people are still scratching their heads.
Kristen Stewart (aka Bella Swan) smiled.  I mean yeah she smiles, but she SMILED A LOT like more then she has smiled in the past 3 years that I knew that she existed. 
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 1 is due to come out in November of this year, so the cast and director were present at the convention.
If you watch past press conferences..or any interviews for that matter you will find Kristen (aka Beef, thats what I call her) you will find Beef a big lump on a log.  She is usually very aloof, bored looking, emo, grumpy looking, and just all together looks like it is inconveniencing her to do her job. Oh and her favorite thing is to roll her eyes at her co-stars and fans. 
But yesterday must of been opposite day because the bitch was Little Miss Sunshine.  It was fucking weird.
Now if Kristen Beef Stew was HALF this pleasant...shit no...a QUARTER this pleasant over the 3 years I may of liked her.  But she was not.
Dear KBeefStew,
I have to say its a little too late Sunbeam.  The rainbows you are throwing up, the kittens you are shitting, the puppies and unicorns that are floating in your ora....aint fooling me Rainbow Brite.
I'm happy FINALLY after 5 movies, cabillions of dollars, notoriety, a fan base, irrelevant mtv movie awards, getting to be friends with Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Fatchenilli, etc you roll up in Comic Con a new chick....I want to thank who ever it was to finally told you about your self.  I want to hug them.  But unfortunately I don't see this lasting long so yeah...I don't believe it. Oh and your new attitude, still wont help that fuckery of a movie Breaking Dawn the Fail Boat Cluster Fuck beat Harry Potter in the box office.  Nope. 
Now if Rob came to me, made out with me, and did dirty dirty things to me then yes maybe I would buy a ticket, and pimp the movie out but nahhhh its a no go.
The point of this post? There is not really one.  All I wanted to do is caption these photos from yesterday, but Gmail wouldn't let me send such a large file via email to my friends, so I figured I'd post them here and send my girls over.

PS: If you want to check out the beauty that is Robert Pattinson and his off the look, wtf, you so silly hair, please visit my Rob Blog I run with my dearest friend "Jennison".  All Rob All the Time

Rob's thoughts......I just don't get it, what is she on? I am just lit tra lee confused at her sunshine attitude. HELP She can tease me like this..she can do this to the fans...

I don't know id i have ever witnessed this before..i am like blown the fuck away....the trio...ONLY BEEF IS.... what is that? gasp OMG her face did not break...ITS A SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think Tay and Rob are stunned and maybe scared shitless...

Kristen- ...and my people told me..if i wasn't a good girl they would string me up by my ears ahhhhh ahhhhhhh 
 Rob- this bitch is crazy...i need to find out what they gave her

Elizabeth- OMG Rob, Rob (shakes Rob) I really think its time...I think Summit is going to let her come out of the closet!!!  Who knew all they had to do is let her come out for her to be Happyyyyyyyyyy....!!!!!  
Rob: I'm scared, very scared, I think I'm dreaming, I think they slipped her something.....HELP!!!!!!!!

I dedicate this post to the very few Kristen fans that I actually love
Liz Beth Ann, Lindsey, and Val 
and I thank you for not being like those
"other" Kristen know what I'm talking about
the fucking crazy ones with no self control lol

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