Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV Music Awards- The clusterfuck

Hello there!!!  Me here.
I feel like Ive been using this blog to rant, rave and complain about pop culture on. 
But sometimes I just need to get shit out...pop culture is something I am up with because I love music, and certain TV programs, Movies, Actors, Books, and writing....which is all part of pop culture.
I have a few blog ideas that do not include my strong opinions so don't worry I wont turn this blog into a negative bitchy blah blah place....on word...

2011 MTV Music Awards (needs to die/quit/sit down/ retire)

I'm just going to throw some bullet points about last nights show up on here on my personal opinions while watching.
  • There were only 3 reasons I watched this show to begin with: 1) ADELE, 2) The Hunger Games movie sneak peak 3) My kid was watching it in my room to see Justin Bieber, Selena, and Taylor Lautner
  • The show was trash.  It was Awkward, unfunny, under stimulating, anti climatic, boring, disorganized and a big ass cluster fuck of fuckery.  In short..its was straight up RUBBISH.
  • This seems to be the pace where celebs decide to one up each other on "Who can dress like a fucking idiot rolled in shit, coming up looking like douche bags"
  • Question, MTV does not play Videos like ever.  Unless you have an upgraded cable plan, or specifically go on line to look up videos MUSIC TELEVISION is NOT the place to discover music. So how contradicting is it that they have an Award Show?
  • Awards are given out based on popularity of teens/20s who are the only ones who get online to vote.  There for, LEGIT singers, LEGIT musicians are usually snubbed for the songs that they play the fuck out the the radios, and never want to hear again because you cant get away form the crap.
  • MTV just needs to quit with this fuckery, its 2nd hand embarrassing, the awards mean balls, and if I won one I would not be bragging about it.  Its like winning an award for being 'over played, boring, sugar popped, throat stuffing song' out there.
 Lets talk about the performers
  • Jay-Z and Kanye- trash.  They were both shouting into the mics over top of each other jumping around and not even rapping with the beat.  Jay-Z is legit in his own right, but that performance was RUBBISH.
  • Kanye was drunk AGAIN.  He is shoved so far up Jay-Z's ass hole its sad.  Kanye is a Thunder Douche alone, I mean his music is legit good, but he ruins his WHOLE image with his self righteous Cocky Twat attitude.  So it seems he needs Jay-Z to keep his whack ass popularity above water.

(continue under the cut)
  • Chris Brown, another douche nozzle, he and Kanye should stat a club called Summers Eve Assholes.  Chris did not sing, he rolled around on wires.  (Pink already did that, and it was better)  Then tried to spruce it up with other Throwback artists..>Wu Tang really?  Sit the fuck down Chris, you suck.  You should have did the song with Bieber...because the demographic watching don't even know who Wu Tang is. And Wu is classic, they don't need you touching them....
  • GaGa.  Ok at first with her performance, ok I get it.  She looked like a Johnny Zucko or Ralph Maicho knock off.  She performed like she was high on Meth, I though she was going to Literally have sexual relations with her piano.  It's GaGa I get it, but it was just way to much.  THEN GaGa stays in character of her Alter Ego the whole show? Really? Um no.  THEN she steals Brittany's thunder.  
  • Nikki Minaj looked like a hot fucking mess, a cluster fuck of Hello Kitty, Toy Story, Rainbow Bright, a Disco Lego Ball--the mirrors screaming for a line to be snorted off of.  FAIL Nikki.  
  • How is Kim Kardash relevant to the MTV Music Awards?
  • Katy Perry was precious, she could have left her Asian parasol home, it was not sunny INSIDE the theater..that's almost as bad as wearing Sunglasses  when not performing. THEN what the fuck was up with the Government Cheese on her head? The pick hair was very 'Greese Frenchy' of her & she pulled it off.
  • Beyonce- it was odd seeing her fully dressed while performing.  I though for sure she was going to rip her clothes off...but nope she revealed her baby bump.  That was adorbs.  It sucks it had to be at the MTV Whack awards, but Ill take it.
  • Tyler the Creator- did he create the human fucking race? I mean why was it necessary for him to accept his award with 56 people?  Why? you know who MC Hammer is?  He had a super large posse too.....he had to pay Hammer is BROKE.  Calm down, keep your posse small and close, cos its just a matter of time before there are fights and law suites.  just saying.
  • Lil Wayne..Lil Wayne...Lil Wayne.  I love Lil Wayne, I do, I mean I mainly like him for his colabs, i cant do a whole CD of just him...its like the longest run on sentence in Drake's music.  But audio tuned mic? really?  AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN SING 75% OF THE SONG!  You are a rapper you DIDN'T EVEN RAP! What did come out of your mouth came in the form of audio tune!  WTF? T-Pain called and wants his mic back. THEN, you broke out a guitar...I was all word up Wayne is gonna rip it.  Then you didn't.  You strummed the fucking strings 3.5 times. (my friend called it a pick-scrape) then you threw the fucking guitar...really? Why.....your guitar pick scrape was not worthy of a guitar bash.  And your skinny jeans.  I love that you rock them..but they are called SKINNY jeans for a reason...they are to be fitted on your body..your legs, and ass.  You looked like an asshole with you trying to SAG SKINNY just no no....NO NO NO NO....stop it the fuck now
  • The Winehouse tribute was tastefully done...but then Bruno Mars had to be apart of it.  Just nah, not the best idea.  But it was good to see Amy recognized for her LEGIT voice, even though MTV ditched her after her one hit in the US.  She had more music after 'Rehab' and before she ummmmm started getting bad with the drugs, but MTV didn't give 3 fucks.  They age just 1 fuck, because it was the right theng to do. Oh and MTV is shoved up the UK's ass is lame-o.
  • The Hunger Games 'sneek peak'  Is that what you called that?  Showing us the main character running through a forest with a voice over saying that main character is brave. Really?  That will really grab an audience that hasn't read the books! (sarcastic) I mean I was waiting for Edward Cullen and other Twilight characters to pop out from the trees and say hello.  That sneak peak was so fucking anti climatic for a Hunger Game fan, I would have rather punched my self in the face 5 times.
  • Lastly Adele.  The brilliant, amazing, soulful, Adele.  She was simply amazing.  She is ALWAYS simply amazing.  She is what is called a LEGIT musician.  She sings with her voice....LIVE (gasp) no audio tune (oh my) no over singing 'back up singers' (say it ain't so) I know I know, you didn't think there were any musicians left that actually sang for real , and that were actually good...great....amazing....BRILLIANT. I have a few things to say about her (besides what I already said)  1) Why was she there? Why was her time wasted that this circus show? I was 2nd hand embarrassed for her. I bet she was asking herself these same questions.  2) She didn't win anything....well no awards that had to do with her MUSIC...but that's ok, because I already stated that MTV Music Awards are balls...She did win for -Best Video Editing, -Best Art Direction, and -Best Cinematography...... fucking seriously?  That is a mother fucking dying shame. 
In closing I am fucking embarrassed for MTV, they are pathetic. I quit MTV, they suck asshole lips, and is no use to me or my music life. 
If you've read this far I commend you.  I also thank you. 
I got that out of my system and it feels damn good!


This is what REAL honest singing
looks like.

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