Friday, July 15, 2011

Its a Harry Potter Weekend

The last movie of the Harry Potter series was released last night, this morning...midnight. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I did not attend the midnight screening, because quite frankly I do not enjoy midnight screenings anymore..they hurt my tushy. So we have tickets for tomorrow Saturday and I am so stoked!
I will be rocking my DA (Dumbledore's Army) t-shirt and my Gryffindor scarf (yes I know its July).
I was reading over the Deathly Hollows book last night (my favorite book in the Whole Word, my favorite book that I've ever read thus far) I noticed that the first half of the movie covered the first 500 pages of the book. SO that means that part 2 will only have to cover 250 pages. I predict this movie to be action packed, epic of course and just full of win, brilliance, amazingness, and just sofa king good.
I am not a cryer. People who know me it takes ALLOT for me to cry, only specific things might make me cry..but I have a feeling I will shed a tear. I have no idea what will make me do it...maybe the ending. But I was getting weepy just watching the making of Harry Potter in the Bio channel last night. I don't know how the fans, that have been fans a heck of allot longer than me, and who are more hard core than me are going to take the ending of this. I mean when the last book was released I sure there was sadness, but there was more movies to come out. But there will be no more movies. I guess we will have to be happy that we have PotterMore to look forward to.
I will be back at some point to share my my thought on the movie. I am so excited I could do cartwheels if I knew how.

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