Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 A Movie Review

Absolutely brilliant. Loved it!!

I was lit tra lee on the edge of my seat. I gave my self a headache because I was so keyed up, my palms were sweating.

There were tons of things I loved (most all of the movie) Some things I missed, and I few things I didn't like how they changed up. But it was amazing!!
I was scared to watch it because not only is this my favorite Harry Potter book out of the series, but it is my favorite book that I have ever read ever.  Never have I ever had a book take me on a roller coaster ride of emotions while reading, heart pounding, sadness, fear, oh my god, and what the fuck moments, it was ridiculous.
But all in all I was proud of how this movie came out, they did it justice. Dan Radcliffe himself was just awesome, when watching he became Harry Potter, I mean like really became him. He put his all in to this character for the final movie. I was very impressed on how real it all came out to be, for a fantasy fiction story.  This movie like the book was action packed and fast moving. I cannot wait to see it again so that I can pay attention to other things on the screen the 2nd time around.  This is a must see. A+  A+ a thousand.

My full review under the cut...full of spoilers......spoilers......spoilers

  • Hermieone/Bellitrix was funny. Helena did a great job being Hermieone being Bellatrix

  • The bank was done well- I liked how they showed the stupid ugly goblin dead.

  • Dumbledore's brother was more mean then I liked and they left out the story of DD's sister. Made DD look like an asshole.

  • LOVED Neville he was bad ass.

  • Loved Mrs. McG, she was so cute.

  • Happy to see Kingsley.

  • Molly was awesome, loved that part.

  • They glossed over Fred's death.
  • I need to re watch Ron on the Fred part. I just kept staring at Fred and George on that part. I didn't get to see Ron's reaction

  • I did not like that Neville didn't kill the snake first, and when he did it wasn't in front of everyone.

  • Didn't like the battle with V and H was not in front of everyone either.

  • Loved how Harry called V Tom!!!

  • Missed the elves battle in Hogwarts

  • The Ravenclaw chick was all screamy in H's face. I was like simmah down ghost.

  • Loved the I open at the close part with his parents Sirius and Lupin. But why did James have the same exact glasses as H that was strange.

  • When H was with DD I totally pictured that scene just like the movie!!

  • The 19 years later creeped me out. They looked creepy and it was blah. They didn't talk about H's god son, Ron didn't get to act like Ron. The scene was so, um like.. They were sending their kids off to somewhere unpleasant. The trio was so blahhhhh. Ginny and Rob didn't say a word did they? It was wack.

  •  I wish they would of showed Hogwarts, Ms. McG as headmaster and Neville as a professor.

  • What really made me mad was that they didn't go to DD office to repair H's wand and see DD in the frame.It was so anti climatic about the anal bead wand... I mean the elder wand. He just broke it and threw it like what eva. And it looked like Ron wanted to jump after it.

  • Snape's part was good they did that well. But when reading I didn't picture tears at all. (Snape still did not redeem himself to me, I still dislike him)

  • Oh and the Malfoys just rolled out like peace out bitches we had enough. I mean Really? You would have thought they'd want to see V dead!
  • I kept saying Bellatrix wanted to toss Voldy's salad she was so up his ass!

  • The Persey Weasley story line- I'm glad they left it out, not that they touched it in any of the other movies...i just didn't really care about him.

  • Voldy's hug to Draco was out of place, uncharacteristic, and weird, it was cringy to watch

  • I love that HP is breaking box office records with the quickness. It makes me happy that its kicking ass and stomping all over the Twilight saga numbers! Haahaa lol.
Potter Nerds Unite!
Its not over over...now we have Pottermore to look forward too!
JKR you are a saint!


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