Friday, November 18, 2011

The Reviews are in: Breaking Dawn the Epic Clusterfuckery part 1

Good morning everyone.  I was not even going to post today, I was not even going to post anything about Breaking Dawn until I saw it myself.  The the shit storm that I woke up to this morning is just to epic not to share.  I was a bit late to work because I was reading all the reviews from friends that went to the midnight showing.  I was laughing my ass off, i was a tad shocked, because the person that I thought woulds like it a little bit, raged out a bit HAHA.  After reading these texts & emails this makes me want to see the movie ASAP...on bootleg.  So let me share some of the thoughts form my friends, Twilight fans....on how Breaking Dawn was just.....  just read.....
  • I can't even......
  • WTF? Rob is lucky he is sexy and I love him
  • Man that was funny
  • I left during the birth scene to puke, no lie
  • I kept my eyes shut, that shit was nauseating
  • We did more laughing than anything, i was snorting
  • good thing Plumcrazyyy didn't go she'd be bullshit
  • I am still in shock
  • To much jammed in that movie
  • the few sweet parts were over shadowed by the cheesy, corny, stupid shit
  • I cant wait for Plumcrazyyy's commentary
  • The Cullens looked bloated
  • K Stewart plays a great dead person
  • I cannot believe this was released to the public
  • I have no desire to see this again
  • I wanted to like it but I am still WTFBBQ
  • ...stupid vampire who didn't think to use a condom..
  • The first 3 [Twilight Movies] deserve Academy Awards compared to this one
Apparently there is an Epic fail of a wolf scene that these girls tore to bits after the laughter stopped
  • The fucking wolves talked like they were in a transformer movie
  • Wolf scene?? Sam [head wolf] sounded like Darth Vader.  The whole scene was just.........
  • cringe worthy especially the wolf parts
  • Taylor over acted
That's enough for now.  But like I said yesterday with the book being balls we can expect the movie to me that good...I cant stop laughing.  I'll be back with my thoughts on it all when I get around to seeing it.

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