Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Bieber Musings

Riddle me this.
I go to a Jamaican bar the other night. First night out in a very long time that I actually drank and got intoxicated. Myself and the 2 people that I accompanied are the legit,only white folks in the place. No big deal, but probably not the crowd that would enjoy some Justin Bieber music. One of my BFF's is there Token, this place his Cheers .
So me and Token are dancing having a blast I say, "Token I need hear some Bieber"
He says, "They ain't gonna play Bieber"
"Why not, Bieber is awesome"
He says, "Its not the type of music they are playing here."
I say, "Whaaaaat, I will request the Bieber & Usher song, that would be considered hip hop.
He gives me the side eye, you crazy bitty look "No Momma they ain't gonna play that"
Ya wanna bet I am thinking....I stroll up to Mr. DJ.
I say "Hey Mr. DJ can you play Justin Bieber and Usher please?"
"Ummmm probs not but we will try" (we will try is DJ talk for the answer NO)
"SO as we are dancing the rest eve away I'm yelling "BIEBERRRRRR" in between the songs, everyone thinks this is funny, because it is impossible request. Its all in good fun.

Last Call is announced, so the last song of the evening is going to be played.
Do you want to guess what the last song is?
Biggie? Nope.
Jay-Z? Nope.
Robot aka Nikki M? Nada.
Hooooooow about Weezy? Wrong again.


Not only is is J to the B, its "Baby", his cute little song, who does not include Usher, that is a legit pop song.

"Just Baby Baby ohhhhhh"

Token about lost his shit, then he was fist pumping my accomplishment.

Mission Accomplished.

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