Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Dance

Just Dance on wiii. Ever played? Yeah well make sure you do plenty so stretches, take a jog, I don't know do something before you play. This game will whoop your ass. Not as your playing, no, when you wake up in the morning, you will move and WTFBBQ, why am I sore you may ask yourself. You think of any thing you might have done the day before to make yourself hurt. Then it clicks, you danced. You danced your ass off to get a good score to New Kids on the Block's Step by Step, Pump Up the Jam, Fat Boy Slims Indian dance song. Its ridiculous, I was sore for 2 days.
When we first purchased this game we played a straight 5 hours. We were sweaty, breathing heavy, moving body parts that haven't move that way in a long time. But I will tell you what it is FUN!
Whats even more fun is that you can get people to play this game you wouldn't of thought that would play. Like mom's, brothers, brothers friends that are guys. Its pretty damn comical.
So we busted out Just Dance 1 to get back in the groove, since you see Just Dance 2 came out. I think Santa is bringing that to our house, if not for the kids, for me and my adult friends.
Get it, try it, its fun. But be sure to take an aspirin when your through and stay hydrated while playing.
Drop it like it's hot

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