Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm assuming a hug from Jesus would feel like this...

Hey y'all. Yesterday the day before yesterday (since it seems to take me two flipping days to do a blog post)I took it upon myself to do a little Googling. (that sounds dirty) I want to write more so I thought let me Google and see what blog writing ideas I can throw down. Since this blog is a "cluster effing mess of words" I can pick what ever I want! It was funny because other bloggers looked to have had the same ideas as me.  They even took it as far as to make a blog post out of a list of things to blog about, that was clever.   I got some ideas and inspiration from these lists (thank you random blogs I clicked on)  I think I'm ready to blog my face off.
I'm going to share Six Three things that own me right now.*  These are some things that I think are amazing, brilliant, funny, fun and I just like them. You should take it upon yourself and check them out. (if you have not done this already) Now these things may not be 'new' but i like these things so yeah. * i was going to list Six things, but I am a wordy bitch, so I just did Three.  Ill come back with my other things that own me.

  1. If you don't know, now you know. What is Pinterest?  This site is crack. Period. Pure and Simple. Its a virtual pin board of stuff. Links to all kinds of different blogs for anything and everything that you would never think of.   Pinterest is crack
  3. Lovesac go ahead and click. Its not a dirty site I promise. I finally got my lovesac for my birthday this year. Ive been wanting one for years!  This is probably the most comfortable thing that my body has ever encountered (and trust cos my bed is the bomb dot com) Its a modern day bean bag. But it don't have those peaky beans in it. All you have to do is Fluff your Sac, maybe punch your sac, roll your sac and then sit on your sac. It forms to your body like you re being hugged by sweet Jesus himself. (well I'm assuming since well Ive never hugged Jesus) If you have a sore near you, please walk in there and plop your ass down on a sac and feel what heaven is. (again another assumption, since I've never been to heaven)
3.  Magic Mike one of Channing Tatumn's new movies coming out this summer (June 29th) You may or may not know that Ive adored me some Channing for some time now. Since some Step it Up and some Stop Loss, Ive just wanted to nom nom nom him up. His personality is awesome, acting is pretty good at times, oh yeah and hes not hard on the eyes.  I am excited for this movie more so than any other movie that is non book related. Me and a few of my fellow Twitter friends have been on top of the promo for this movie. Whats it about? Well Chan Chan plays a stripper.  Yeppers.  He has some lip smacking co-stars in the movie with him.  Now I'm not the biggest fan of male in person, or even on calendars and such. But since its a movie and Chan Chan is going to be helicoptering his junk around I'm there. If you want to read something funny get a hold of the May 25th issue of Entertainment Weekly. There is an hilarious interview with the cast of Magic Mike including Chan, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, & Joe Mangamiello. It had me in laughing fits!


Until next time....
Plum Crazy

oh and Rob doesn't need to be added to the list, because hes a permement fixture of owning my ass. If he knew me I'd be owning him too, because this awesomeness swag that I have is hard to resist.  (ok just let me stop) HA!


  1. LMAO at the lovesac. So many things went through my mind before I read your explanation. Must get one pronto

  2. LMAO at the lovesac. So many things went through my mind before I read your explanation. Must get one pronto

  3. LMAO at the lovesac. So many things went through my mind before I read your explanation. Must get one pronto

  4. I have been hearing a lot about Pinterest lately and have even stopped by it. I didn't check it out thoroughly but it sounds like a lot of fun. It seems it would also be cool to meet new peeps and find other books and blogs. Thanks for giving me the push. I'm going there now. Also, I followed your blog just now.