Friday, May 20, 2011

Checking In

Here I am again, I am the worst blogger ever. One day I will have the time to blog here more, and hopfully some interesting things to share.
So let me catch up from my last post in bullet point form
  • ScriptFrenzy, got to page 22, did not meet my goal but i will continue working on it.
  • NaNoWrMo is holding a summer session, I am going to try to continue my story
  • I started and completed my one shot short story fan fiction and submitted it. This weekend will be the first time many many many people will read my work. I am excited and scared.
  • We came, we lived, we moved in/from the country.  It worked out. But the amount I spent in gas, it gross.  I am glad to be local.
  • We moved into our new townhouse this past weekend. We still have some unpacking and making it more of our home but so far so good.  I will say something i don't like about the house is the cream carpets. Oh Lawd, they may be the death of me.
  • My birthday came and went.  I did receive an Easter Basket of awesome proportions.  It was filled with all my favorite junk foods, English teas, Rob Pattinson pictures, Rob's favorite snacks including Hot Pockets, and Twilight birthday cards.  It was awesome and thoughtful and surprising. Sam did a wonderful job with my help of my friends J and R and google, oh and my 18 y/o brother in law and mother in law helped too.
  • Went to PA and enjoyed Water for Elephants with CK, J, Shan, Shar. We had a slumber party, played Apples to Apples (Beef Stew is disgusting) ate cupcakes and watched How to Be. It was a great time.
  • Mothers day came and went is was a good day.  Made my mom dinner watched a movie, went to grand moms, Sam and the kids replaced my ipod. 
  • my ipod broke, i wanted to cry, it couldn't be repaired because it was old (the first ipod touch to come out) but Sam and the kids saved the day and got me a new one.
  • My bff J had her 3rd baby girl, he is so cute, i get to meet her in person next weekend! its been sooooo long since i had a baby in my life.
  • Masen our cat turned 1 year old on May 9th.
  • My girl R will be visiting me next weekend along with J and i am STOKED! 
  • Hangover 2 comes out next weekend also and its a 3 day weekend!!!!
  • Ok last but not least, we made it to the Water for Elephants movie premiere, saw Rob in person along with Reese Witherspoon.  It was an interesting experience to say the least. It was surreal. Me, CK, A, Shann, and Nance all met in NYC and went together.  It was a clusterfuck but it was awesome, I'd do it all over again. 
  • The Water for Elephants NY crew aka WEFNYC2011
    my first sighting of the pretty (i actually saw the hair before him)
    A and I were able to get super close for a quick picture. Rob and Reese looking great and that man is Rob's body guard Dean.
  • I MET ROBERT PATTINSON!!!! Yes went to the Today Show, we were on the block outside waiting for entrance at 3:30am, we had out poster, magazines, and cameras. We were one of the lucky ones to meet him, get and autograph and a picture with him.  He was just simply awesome.  I didn't throw up, or scream in his face. I don't know how I kept my composure but i did and it was one of the best experiences in my life.  I cant believe we pulled it off, but we did!

Me and my future 2nd Husband!

Yep we were this close. I noticed at the premiere his skin was flawless, i wanted to touch!

He was so gracious, signing autographs, taking pics, laughing. It was EPIC.

About 4am on a NY street sidewalk, waiting to meet Rob.
I will say this will not be my last movie premiere to attend, it was a great time.

In addition to moving, meeting Rob, visiting friends, holidays, birthdays, births, and daily life i was able to get some reading in:
  • Where She Went by Gayle Forman- I gobbled this book down! Loved it.  It is a sequel to If I Stay so read that first.
  • The Secret Year- this book was full of angst, my favorite genre. It too was a quick read, heart breaking, but it kept me reading.
  • Mostly True Story of Jack by K. Barnhill- I just started this one, I haven't gotten very far, i am very interested as to where the story will take me.  It is an advanced copy, the books is not out just yet.  I borrowed it form my girl in Cali. I need to finish it and pass it on before some one shanks me.
So that is all for now. Until next month! HaHa.

Happy Birthday to my C! You have grown so fast! xoxo love you.


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