Friday, April 8, 2011

Where did ya' go?

Hey there.
I have been MIA. Well MIA here in blogger land. Ive been busy with allot of crap, reading, reading, reading. Oh I've been writing a bit, tried NaNoWriMo, got to 15 thousand, started a fan fiction with my girls, then fell off, aside from this I have 2 other blogs, one I haven't touched this year at all, the 2nd one I contribute like maybe once a month. Oh and I have a one shot fanfic due May 1st. I have the beginning done, that's all. Now I am trying Script Frenzy. The positive part of this is I get to use my friend's awesome story, i just need to format it in to a screenplay. Sounds easy, eh, not so much, but then again I am only on page 5. The mission it to finish 100 pages in 30 days. I need 30 pages by this Saturday at midnight. I'm going to bust my ass. I figure I will get the bones laied out, then go back and edit the fuck out of it.
So whats new beside reading to much fan fiction, emailing a ton, playing words with friends, bbm-ing a ton, twittering...well I've been packing our house. We are moving again. Karma bit me in the ass and we are moving to the "country", then back into town after a month. I hate moving, but I am happy to get a different place, I think it will lighten my mood. Knowing that we are staying, and its in an area that we like and it more convenient.
The much anticipated Robert Pattinson movie Water for Elephants is coming out the 22nd. The premiere is in NYC next weekend, and we are going to try our hand at attending that clusterfuck. I just want to see Rob's sweet ass in person just once. I will try not to get arrested.
Then the weekend of the 22nd going to my girlfriend's house in PA to have a slumber party and see the movie together so that we can all drool and explode and die on the floor at Rob's hotness.
Then my birthday. Easter falls on my birthday this year. So I have requested Easter baskets filled with my favorite things: books, candy, cupcakes, itunes gift cards, shoot any gift card, Rob, ya know. Yes I may be getting old, but I am never to old for presents. I love getting them. I like giving too.
Lets see, family is finally healthy, the virus' blew through the house got us, asthma is getting under control...the weather is bipolar as a motherfucker, but once it gets controlled things will be alright.
I have a book goal this year of 25 or 30, i don't remember. I've bought a ton of books, but I need to get on reading more. Ive read 5 so far. My friend asked me, "Fan fictions are just as long as books why don't you count them?" At first I was like hellz no, then I was like you know what they are all time consuming, and the size of books if not bigger. So I am going to count the fics that i start and finish with in the year. I mean I am still reading, and some of my fics are fuckawesome that need to be novels.
Here is my book list- I will update with my fics later (maybe)
1. Firelight by S. Jordan
2. Anna and the French Kiss by S. Perkins
3. Maybe by B. Runyon
4. Vampire Academy #1 by R. Meed
5. Red Riding Hood by I forget, its an adaptation of the movie.

ok that is enough rambling for now, going to take a lunch break.

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