Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 WTF Moment #1

I am going to try to list the WTF moments of 2011, just for fun. Just a way to ask What the Fuck? Why? Why/How did that happen? Are people cra cra?

The first WTFM comes from the People's Choice Awards. I didn't even finish watching this program because it was super lame and boring.
My first question is: Who are the "People" that cast these votes?
Who is in charge of the nominations?
Why are the same people, movies, songs etc nominated for more than one award?
Finally why was Kristen Stewart placed in the category with these other actresses?
Kristen Stewart
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Aniston
Julia Roberts
Katherine Heigl

Why, did Kristen Stewart win?
Is this some kind of joke? Is it opposite day? Are the "people" that voted for Kristen Stewart smoking the crack pipe?
I guess if you like an actress who acts the same for every character she plays you would vote for her.
If you like actresses who Blink, Stutter, Mouth Breaths all of her lines for every single character she plays you would vote for her.
Aside from the Twilight Saga, what quality character did she play? I mean where can I even go to view these movies if I do not live in a big city with theaters that show small screen movies. Nothing at all against Indie Movies, but how the hell can I see these so that I can place a fair vote?
Dear "People" who voted for KStew,
Bella Swan is not real, she is a fictional character that Kristen Stewart just happens to play. Oh and she doesn't pull her off all that well either. Well unless the Bella Swan you read in the book was Butchy, Blinky, Studdery, and emotionless, then I understand.
So in conclusion, it seems that the voting was based on popularity, by a bunch of "people" whoe dont know what quality acting is. With out Robert Pattinson, Kristen would be left in the dust with her ridiculously blah attitude.

Good thing this was not a the Oscars, or I would loose total respect for Hollywood, and feel like total shit for real respectable actors.
So Julia, Angelina, Katherine, and Jennifer, it's ok, just think when the Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part 1 The Fuckery and Part 2 Fail Boat are over, so will be Kristen's popularity. You four will still be running circles around her. This is allot to say because I am not a fan of Angie or Katherine! Jennifer is cute and funny, and Julia is the apple of my eye. You had me at Vivian!
Kristen "Beef" Stew, you suck at liffffffe.


ps. How and why the mother fuckity fuck did Selena beat Justin Bieber? I like Selena and all...(as a wizard) but really? A singer now? Ummm no. "People" have lost their mother lovin' minds.

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